About Ali Asher

Ali Asher and I met on Facebook in a photographer/model group where folks do TFP (trade for print/trade for photo) work. She was looking for a photographer to help build her modeling portfolio for an upcoming trip to Los Angeles.

I’m always looking for an opportunity to shoot – and having a willing and experienced model is always a plus. So, we lined up a session out at Badger Creek – the same place I did Zach and Kaitlyn’s engagement shoot. Sadly, we were just a few days late and missed the sunflowers.

We still made the most out of it, however. And I got my first modeling shoot under my belt.

Gear used

Sony A6500Sony 50mm F/1.8 lens, Flashpoint Zoom Mini Flash


Badger Creek State Park (Van Meter, IA)

One thing I learned during this shoot

As I mentioned above, this was my first time taking photos of someone who has modeling experience. This made my job much easier, as Ali was able to do her thing without very much direction from me. However, I know the importance of being able to direct a model. And that’s something I’m working on and will get better at over time.

But, what I took away from this shoot was I need to invest in off-camera lighting as soon as humanly possible. Don’t get me wrong – I’m very happy with the final results here. I know they could be much better with even a single flash and softbox, or even a reflector and a stand. The problem is, those things cost money. And I don’t have very much of that, to be quite frank.

That will change as I gain more experience and get more paying work, but for now – I gotta work with what I’ve got. I refuse to let gear limitations stand in the way of my creativity.

My shots